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Kyiv Law & Trade Forum

Kyiv Law & Trade Forum

Kyiv Law & Trade Forum brings together corporate lawyers, lawyers, financiers and businessmen.

The modern world changed the rules of the game, now on the main value is the time. Guided by this rule, we have developed a new format that unites the world of corporate lawyers, lawyers, financiers and businessmen Kyiv Law & Trade Forum.

This is a unique platform for building bridge, communications and frank discussions about the practice between lawyers, consulting companies, the banking sector and the international commerce market.

This is your chance to find out qualified answers to any questions regarding currency regulation, foreign trade activities and its support, transfer pricing, international trade and arbitration practice, as well as the latest trends in tax and customs disputes with the participation of foreign companies this is all in one place and at a minimum cost of time.

Kyiv Law & Trade Forum combines the performances of Ukrainian parliamentarians, ministers, judges, officials and other government representatives, with the involvement of international organizations USAID, the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, the International Trade Center, the World Trade Organization, the American Chamber of Commerce, and many others.

Date: May 15, 2019

Venue: IQ Business Center

Kyiv Law & Trade Forum. Preliminary agenda:

I. Discussion panel Is there a future for trading in Ukraine? Business and Law Review.

II Session 2A Legal Principles of foreign economic activity (FEA). International trade:

  • Practical recommendations for the conclusion of contracts in FEA.

  • Legal support and international trade maintenance.

  • Litigation on customs disputes and disputes in international trade.

  • Tax nuances of foreign trade in scope of new conditions.

  • E-commerce.

Session 2B International arbitration:

  • An analysis of investment arbitration decisions on tax matters in the protection of investors' rights in Ukraine.

  • A valid and effective arbitration caution. Global challenges.

  • The problem of interaction of international commercial arbitration with the courts of Ukraine.

  • Property arrest of foreign companies. International asset search.

  • Execution practice of decisions of Ukrainian courts abroad.

  • The limits of court intervention in international commercial arbitration.

  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitration decisions in Ukraine: problems and prospects.

  • What do I need to know to make an effective arbitration decisions?

IV Session 3A Currency regulation. Implementation of the BEPS plan. Influence on foreign economic activity:

  • Currency liberalization: what to expect business?

  • NBU: the first results of innovations in the field of currency regulation.

  • ontrolled foreign companies in Ukraine Prospects for the adoption of the law.

  • Problems and risks of implementation of the BEPS Plan in Ukraine.

  • Implementation and protection of investments abroad, tax consequences, disputes.

  • What's new in cooperation with banks after changing the rules of currency control - enhancing financial monitoring?

  • Eliminate mistakes in building relationships with the in-house lawyer.

V. Session 3B Tax Disputes. Transfer pricing. Disputes with the participation of foreign companies:

  • Practice and topical issues of transfer pricing.

  • Transfer pricing report. Transfer pricing documentation. Transfer pricing methods. Control, checks and fines.

  • Litigation in disputes related to transactions with related parties,  transfer pricing reports.

  • Litigation of disputes involving non-residents and procedural peculiarities.

  • Developing strategies for dealing with related parties, practical recommendations.

With the participation of representatives of the Ministry of economic development and Trade of Ukraine; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine; Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Foreign Affairs, Economic Policy, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Tax and Customs Policy, Financial Policies and Banking; The National Bank and the banking sector of Ukraine and Europe; Business Ombudsman of Ukraine; National Agency of Ukraine on Detection, Asset Management; The State Regulatory Service of Ukraine; tax and customs authorities; the judges of economic and administrative jurisdiction, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine; practicing attorneys and corporate lawyers; representatives of arbitration; owners and managers of commercial structures, business; international public organizations and business communities.   

For any questions, please, contact us: e-mail: info@uaa.org.ua/ +38 (067)-343-34-07

:  Kyiv Law & Trade Forum
:  15.05.2019
̳ :  IQ Business Center
:  9:00-18:00



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